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We believe everybody deserves to feel confident, fulfilled and supported to become their best self... for over ten years we have been improving and refining The Development Wheel platform, trusted by local government and used in hundreds of settings nationally and internationally.

The Development Wheel accelerates learning and development for all participants whether learners, teachers, coaches or managers. It will help transform your approach, enabling you to successfully identify where you are, provide key next steps, inform planning and show impact, supporting you to be an outstanding professional.

The Wheel is a versatile, web-based progress tracker and database. Used widely in education, local government, elite sports and charities, predominantly for: Assessment for Learning (AfL); a coaching platform; talent management; impact measurement; and organisational change.

How the Wheel can help you

Creates a positive culture of self-directed development

Simple, versatile system which can be tailored to your needs

Privacy & security trusted by local government

We understand the importance of your role in developing both individuals and your organisation. We know that pressures of time and a lack of effective tools can make this more challenging.

When developing individuals by providing them with a visual record of every step of their learning journey, it will encourage them to take ownership of their progress, evidence impact, and identify appropriate next steps to meet their goals.

As an organisation working towards an inspection framework or organisational change, clearly communicated objectives, responsibilities and priorities are paramount. The Wheel provides your management team and colleagues a clear route map to your objectives. The platform allows all related materials to be stored in one location that is simple to access and share, encouraging collaboration and streamlining processes. This simplified approach promotes a sense of fulfilment and achievement.


'The simplicity and utility of The Development Wheel saves you time and reduces your workload, giving you the additional bandwidth to focus on enhancing your content and delivery'.

Who we work with

Just a few of the organisations already using The Development Wheel:

The power of The Development Wheel

The real power behind The Development Wheel comes from the way it harnesses the principles of learning nutrition and builds them into your everyday practice.

This approach will nurture and develop a foundation of positive habits and behaviours, which will steadily take the learner from being the ‘participant’ in teacher or mentor led activities, towards a consistent unconscious practice of ‘self-directed’ learning and development. The simplicity and utility of The Development Wheel saves you time and reduces your workload, giving you the additional bandwidth to focus on enhancing your content and delivery.

The Development Wheel will support you and your learners by:

  • accelerating learning & development, and elevating performance
  • providing intelligence to support your decisions, progress, and next steps
  • reducing workload, streamlining and standardising processes
  • providing the opportunity to celebrate each learner’s journey
  • creating a culture of unconscious self-directed development
  • promoting a sense of fulfilment by empowering teachers, coaches and leaders to improve their practice

Our goal is to enable individuals to take a meaningful part in accelerating their own learning and development, empowering them to become their best self. By doing this, our simple and effective tool releases those who teach or coach them to truly shine.


Curious about The Development Wheel?

We understand that each school, organisation and business has different needs; therefore, we work with you to find the right solution to help you achieve your objectives.

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